Nuit Blanche Art-A-Thon

These water colours on paper, were created during the 24-hour Red Head Gallery Art-A-Thon that took place during Nuit Blanche 2023. We set up in the lower level of 401 Richmond and worked from 11:00 am Saturday September 23 to 11:00 am Sunday the 24th.

In staying up all night and working steadily, there is no time for second guessing or giving in to hesitation. I based each work on the photographs that I took this summer while back country canoeing in The Massassauga and Temagami. Beginning with a pencil drawing of the shoreline, I traced this drawing onto tracing paper, flipped it over and transferred the reflection to the other side. Flowing over these marks and shapes, the shimmering Spectral Sparkle paint stones from Beam Paints gave a resonance to the works that connects with the magic of the moment on the water. The vertical symmetry suggests openings, bodies and other creatures real or imagined.